Gregg Skalinder
Music Director


Corinne Anich

Juliet C. Bond

Jeanne Mueller

Amy Skalinder


Nancy Bruski

Talar Khosdeghian

Linda J. Kiracıbaşı

Laura Walsh


Eric Skalinder

Gregg Skalinder

Stephen Skalinder

Frank Winkler


James Bell

Patrick Furlong

Peter Harlan

James Janossy, Jr.


Since 1986 the men of Coriolis have sung independent of the mixed ensemble in a group that is now called CQ. While CQ occasionally sings classical repertoire at Coriolis concerts, the men primarily focus on intricate jazz arrangements of popular Christmas classics such as ‘Christmas Song’, ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’, ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, and ‘Button Up Your Over Coat’. Many of the outstanding arrangements were crafted by local Chicago jazz musicians. CQ performs regularly during the Christmas holiday season and joins forces with former members of the Arbors and Christmas Spirit for special, intimate performances at local restaurants and clubs.

The name CQ, while instantly recognizable to a telegraphist, may not be immediately meaningful to the lay person. CQ, or dah-di-dah-dit dah-dah-di-dah, or – . – . – – . – , is a general call in Morse Code roughly translated to variations on the phrase ‘Hey, anyone listening?’ Fortunately, when CQ sings the men suffer from no such insecurity. The name CQ originated as an abbreviation for Coriolis Quartet, morphed into shorthand for Coriolis Quintet, but became problematic when the group increased in size to a septet. The scarcity of appropriate mathematical terminology beginning with Q eventually led the men to adopt CQ as a unique identity apart from its long hand interpretation.